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Want to spread the word? Check out our checklist & tool kit!


Promotion checklist:

  • Leading up to #TalentDay
    1. Send an email to your organization encouraging them to post about a talented intern or internship program your organization has. 
    2. Use the email signature banner to help promote #TalentDay
    3. Post your pledge to participate on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter 
    4. Nominate your company or intern to be recognized as a Top 10 South Florida Internship Program or Intern
  • On September 6 - aka #TalentDay
    1. Make sure everyone is posting about your awesome interns and internship program, using the #TalentDay hashtag and tagging @TDNMiami, on September 6, 2019!


Send an email to your organization:

Subject Line Option #1: Do you <3 our interns?

Subject Line Option #2: We could be ranked as South Florida's Top Internship Program!

Subject Line Option #3: We're celebrating #TalentDay - We need your help!

Email body:

Hi [insert organization name] team,

We're so excited to let everyone know that this year [insert organization name] will be joining businesses across South Florida to celebrate #TalentDay!

What is #TalentDay?

Created by the Talent Development Network (TDN) in 2018, #TalentDay is a social media celebration dedicated to recognizing the top interns and internship program right here in South Florida. 

What is #TalentDay?

This year #TalentDay takes place on Friday, September 6.

What happens next?

Get ready to post across all social media platforms on September 6th, use the hashtag #TalentDay, and talk about our awesome interns and internship program!

We've nominated ourselves for the opportunity to be recognized as one of TDN's Top 10 South Florida Internship Programs. We've also nominated [insert intern name] for their chance to be recognized as one of TDN's Top 10 South Florida Interns.

Let's highlight our awesome talent and program & show them what we've got!  

How can we help raise awareness?

Update your email signature with this email banner and download this promotion pack that contains these awesome digital images that you can share on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Don't forget to use #TalentDay and tag @TDNMiami for a chance to get [insert organization name] featured. 

Let's work together to celebrate and showcase both our internship program and our rockstar interns on September 6 - thanks and Happy #TalentDay! 

[insert your name]

PS - If you have any questions about #TalentDay, check out their FAQs page or email TDN directly at


Email signature banner:

Upload this image to your email signature:



Social Media Pledge Leading Up to #TalentDay

Post the graphic below and let your network know you're celebrating #TalentDay! See suggested captions in case you need some inspiration. Make sure to tag @TDNMiami and use #TalentDay. 


Social Media Copy:

South Florida has the best interns & internship programs! That's why we've partnered with @TDNMiami to celebrate #TalentDay on Friday, September 6!

Pro Tip: Tag @TDNMiami and use #TalentDay to increase your chances of getting featured. 


Ways to celebrate on social media on #TalentDay:

  • Post pictures and videos of your interns celebrating
  • Have an intern create an Instagram story for the day
  • Showcase awesome features of your internship program
  • Get creative and have fun!