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When to Post Internship Openings

When should employers post internship openings?

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employers typically begin recruiting students eight months before the desired start date. Between the interview and the offer, an average of 23.6 days pass.

It is not necessary to post eight months in advance. However, you must ensure you have enough time to recruit, interview, and hire your intern(s). Posting in advance will help you secure top talent before they’re hired by the competition. Posting a minimum of four months prior to the intern’s expected start date is recommended.

After you post your internship, wait a week or two before you start contacting candidates for interviews. This will give you time to see the full scope of candidates you have to select from.


Sample Timeline for a Summer Intern

January/February            Post summer internship on After two weeks, start contacting candidates and conducting interviews.

March/April                        Make offers to summer interns; tie up loose ends relating to internship programming.

May                                       Conduct orientation and begin internship

July/August                        Internship ends. Evaluate summer inters and make employment offers, if desired.


If you’re ready to post your internship, but unsure how to write a description, review our series of sample internship description! Use these templates, customize them to your position, post on and connect with candidates. If you need help, contact us as