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Duration and Seasons

Durations and Seasons of Internships

In creating your internship program, you may wonder how long it should last. The answer varies depending on your needs and capacity to host an intern.

Typical Seasons for Internships:

  • Fall internships typically run between the beginning of September through mid-December
  • Winter internships typically run between the mid-December and mid-January
  • Spring internships typically run between Mid-January to the beginning of May
  • Summer internships typically run between the beginning of May and end of August

Duration of Internships

Internships can last for an entire year, a semester, or maybe even two. Ultimately, the length of the internship is your decision. It is best to pick the length of time that best helps you achieve your goals for hiring an intern.

You may have to work around academic calendars, depending on your intern’s enrollment status.

When should I post an internship position?

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employers typically begin recruiting students eight months before the desired start date. Between the interview and the offer, an average of 23.6 days pass.

It is important to keep these stats in mind when deciding to post an internship to ensure there is enough time to recruit, interview, and hire a candidate before the start date.

Once you’ve selected your start date and estimated your timeline, you can post your position on Talent Development Network (TDN). This will connect you with qualified students seeking internships, free of charge. In your position posting you can include the start date and when you would like to stop receiving applications. Throughout the process, TDN is available to provide guidance and assist with recruitment.

Takeaway: The average internship is 10-14 weeks long. However, the best duration depends on you and your business needs.