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TDN has the highest concentration of emerging talent in its applicant pool. If you are interested in creating an internship program, hiring interns, or getting in touch with one of our team members, please complete the form below.


Why Find an Intern with Talent Development Network?

Easy and Innovative Process

Talent Development Network helps you find top talent from seven major academic institutions in Miami – without scaling your recruiting team. 

100% Free

After registering your organization (for free), the Talent Development Network team will streamline the process and match you with applicants – for free. 

Guidance Every Step of the Way

TDN coordinating officials provide free guidance to companies in targeted industries to create quality internship programs. Whether you need to start an intern program from scratch or you want to enhance an existing program, TDN will walk you through it. 

Need More Information?

Looking for more information on how to find interns, set up an internship program, or to learn more about Talent Development Network? Feel free to reach out to our team of dedicated professionals to learn more today.