Frequently Asked Questions

Which students can take part in the Talent Development Network?

While we target students from our seven partner academic institutions, there may be positions available to students outside these schools. We encourage everyone to apply to open positions. Regarding M-DCPS students, only those taking part in one of their academies may apply.

Does the Talent Development Network include unpaid internships?

TDN focuses on paid internships, however, we do allow non-profits to post unpaid internship opportunities. There are many benefits to a paid internship such as the ability to attract a wider range of talented student applicants.

Does the Talent Development Network set or require a certain salary level?

No. The salary for the internship position is set by the employer.

What should the duration of an internship position be?

Ideally, an internship should perform for a minimum of three months, although, they range between one month to a year in duration.

What should the experience requirements of an internship position be?

This is dependent on the internship position itself. Some advanced positions require one to two years of experience. Keep in mind that internships are career building steps for students that have the academic knowledge but not the workforce experience to perform at a high level.

How do I submit/post an internship position on the Talent Development Network?

The first step is to register. Click on the “Employer Registration” link in the Employer section. Registrations are approved within two business days. After your registration is approved, you can begin submitting paid internship positions which are reviewed prior to posting.

How do I review applicants for my position?

At any point in between posting a position and the closing date of a position, you may login and view applicants. On the Monday following the closing date of the position, we will email you a reminder and a link to view all the applicants for the position.

How can I become a supporter, partner, or donor with the Talent Development Network?

TDN is possible because of our generous donors and corporate partners. To donate to the program, please contact James Knapp at 305-348-7752.